PCCB Spring Tree & Shrub Sale

Note:  This tree and shrub sale is a service for Pocahontas County, Iowa residents only.


Welcome to PCCB's annual tree and shrub sale.  Here you will find a good selection of shade trees, evergreens, fruit trees, and shrubs, all suitable for Iowa climate zone 4.   PCCB will also help plant your trees and shrubs. Planting costs are $1.00 per bare root shrub and $10.00 for shade trees and container evergreens. There is a $25 minimum charge.  PCCB also has a shrub planter to rent  - $25/day.

Updated Emerald Ash Borer information ~ http://www.iowadnr.gov/eab.  Don't move Firewood!

By offering trees and shrubs to the public at a low price, PCCB hopes to increase the beauty and health of our county today and “for those who follow.”


You can order in person at:

702 NW 7th St. (Hwy 4)
Pocahontas, IA 50574 
or by contacting us at:
Ph: (712) 335-4395
 (712) 335-3606
Email: conservation@pocahontas-county.com

Click here for planting information!