PCCB offers a variety of services to the people of Pocahontas County. Whether you’re looking for help planting trees or planning a vacation, we may have just what you’re looking for.


For reservations, you may stop in at:
702 NW 7th Street (Highway 4)
Pocahontas, IA  50574

Or contact us at:

Phone:  712-335-4395
Fax:  712-335-3606





Box Trap – Return after 1 week
Picnic Tables (12)
Trailer Tables (1-16’, 3-20’)

No Charge
$10 each


Tree Planting/Equipment


Tree Planter
Shade Tree Planting
Container/Evergreen Planting
Shrub Planting
Minimum Planting Charge




Seeding Equipment


Truax Drill – for native habitat only!

$50 set-up cost

   8’ Drill


   10’ Drill


Damage deposit


Non native





Meredith Park,


Coopers Cove


Lizard Lake


Firewood ~ Sold Memorial Day - Labor Day




Nature Center Rental


 No alcohol allowed in Nature Center








Park Shelter Rental




Cabin Rental – Meredith Park




Sunday – Thursday


Friday – Saturday, Holidays


Minimum stay – 2 day


Maximum stay – 2 weeks