The department of County Engineer is responsible for the survey and planning of all road, drainage, culvert and bridge construction and maintenance. The County engineer certifies that all improvement projects are completed in accordance with approved specifications and meet all safety standards. All county engineers must hold a license to practice civil engineering in the State of Iowa with a license issued by the Iowa State Board of Engineering Examiners.


The County Engineer also provides reports and proposals to the Board of Supervisors and Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) on the status of infrastructure improvement and maintenance projects. Additionally, the Engineer approves bills drawn on road funds and reports on the distribution of state and federal funds the Iowa DOT.


The County Engineer supervises the maintenance of the secondary road system. Among the many maintenance duties, secondary road personnel brave the elements to remove snow during winter months, remove of debris and obstructions, and ensure signage and road markings are of adequate condition and placement to ensure public safety.


Pocahontas County has over 1,000 miles of roadways (about 200 paved) in its secondary road system. Among those are over 300 miles of paved and gravel Farm-to-Market roads, which ensure quick delivery of Pocahontas County crops during harvest as well as serve as quick travel conduits for residents and travelers year round.


Section Corners - Here you can find section corner certificates for each township.