Pocahontas County Public Health - Board of Health

The next Board meeting is scheduled for:
Wednesday, May 18, 2011 @ 12:00 p.m.
at the Pocahontas County Assembly Room
99 Court Square, Pocahontas, Iowa 50574

In 1967 Chapter 137 of the Code of Iowa marked the beginning of a new era of public health in Iowa. Each county was required to establish a five member local board of health with one member being a physician licensed by the state of Iowa. The county board of supervised would appoint additional members to the local board.

Local boards of health have responsibility for public health in their jurisdiction. They support local public health vision, mission, and advocacy and encourage community involvement in setting public health priorities. Their overall responsibilities relate directly to the three core public health functions and the ten essential services of public health.

The duties and responsibilities of the Governing Body shall include the following: 

1.  Appoint a qualified Administrator; administrative and supervisory functions shall not be delegated to another Agency or organization.
2.Adopt and periodically review the Agency’s policies governing operations of the Health Department.
3.Oversee the management and fiscal affairs of the Agency. This shall include participation in preparing the annual operating budget and capital expenditure plan with final approval granted.
4.Meet regularly as needed to conduct business, and when called by Chairperson they will conduct meetings in accordance with State of Iowa open meeting law.
5.Establish a fee schedule for the service by the Health Department according to the cost of provision of said service. A sliding fee scale will be adopted considering income and family size.




  • Dr. Ted George, D.O., Chairman and Board of Health Physician
  • Margene Bunda, Vice-Chair
  • Ralph Christiansen
  • Paul Beneke
  • Joe Kramer